Agricultural Studies: Animal Science

Animal science, which is often referred to as animal bioscience, is when you study animal biology. In the majority of cases, the animals that are studied include horses, poultry, pigs, sheep, and cattle. In years gone by, the degree received was known as animal husbandry. Today, the scope of animals has increased to include exotic animals, dogs, and cats.

There are many different colleges and universities around the globe that offer this course in their agricultural studies as well as the United States. The best thing about this course is that you not only study from textbooks but many colleges prefer a 20150304_152347-400x225hands-on course where students will work with animals at a farm that can be located on or off the campus.

After receiving this degree, students can find careers in such fields as biotechnology, animal behavior, animal welfare, animal breeding, animal agribusiness, food and fiber production, animal nutrition, and biotechnology.

Within this agricultural course, you will also learn such topics as reproduction, physiology, genetics, nutrition, microbiology. Other courses that aids in supporting these classes include legal aspects, environment, agricultural economics, soils, and genetics. The combination of these courses aids in ensuring you can have a career in animal science.

Of course, there are also specific courses that go along with certain careers such as sheep management, swine management, poultry production, beef management, horse industry, and dairy management. A few others include animal behavior, animal welfare, livestock marketing, livestock business, pre-veterinary medicine studies, animal reproduction science, animal genetics, or animal nutrition science.

Some colleges and universities offer a more in-depth veterinary focus which would allow the graduate to have a career in animal science industries, pharmaceutical, veterinary school, and animal science. As you can see, there are many different directions to go according to the type of career you desire as well as enjoy.