Agricultural Studies: Rural Development

This is a specialty study in agricultural studies that focuses more on the links between agriculture, living standards and income. Students will learn ways that innovations in agriculture, as well as training, can improve the conditions of communities while combining sociological theory and economic theory.

The entire course provides students with the process of ways to improve the economic well-being and improve the quality of life of individuals that live in low populated or even isolated areas.

The world is ever changing with urbanization, tourism and global changes that rural communities must use a different approach and focus more on the development goals than just using agriculture as a resource for their business.orchard-244297_960_720

In order for rural development to work properly, it takes social infrastructure, physical infrastructure, education and entrepreneurship to ensure the development of the rural areas. The development also includes economic strategies in the development which are far from urban regions. Rural areas are quite different from one another so each area must be approached in the proper way in order for the development to succeed.

In the majority of cases these types of development programs are often sent down from regional development agencies, regional authorities, local authorities, NGOs, international development organizations or national governments. On the other hand, local populations can also provide initiatives for development.

The main goal of this agricultural field is to aid in improving the lives of individuals that live in rural areas as well as to aid in teaching them how to meet the requirements needed for their own area. In many cases, the rural areas, may not even understand the language, but are more than willing to develop their villages and communities. There are agencies that work to ensure the natives and community are on track and understand the ways to improve their own livelihood.