Careers in Agriculture and Forestry

When it comes to agricultural studies, many students also include forestry subjects so that they have more career opportunities. There are so many different careers that you will be amazed at all the different jobs you can get and ones that will certainly fit your outdoorsy or research personality.

If you prefer a job in forestry management, there are many different duties that will be included in your daterra-i-deforestationily, weekly, or monthly routine. Some of the duties you may have to perform include help with reforestation plans, understand clearing operations, often participate in large clearing options, rock crushing, and excavations; assess forest sites for rehabilitation work, manage all inventory, work with other resources that might include pruning, weed control, planting, seeding, sites, and nurseries, seed harvesting, cultivation of small trees, check research, check literature that is related to new discoveries in your field, research health and safety information that is related not only to your field, but the time of year and the region, among several other duties.

As a senior forestry manager you will be in charge of a team and with this job comes duties such as coordination, management, and assisting firefighting efforts or if necessary controlled burns; approval of specific insecticides and herbicides to use to control disease, weeds, and pests; be in charge of sample management, be in charge of recording all information, use computers to analyze all information in order to predict outcomes that are based on different modeling scales; communicate with the community, government agencies, and clients; during clearing action you will oversee the entire operation, along with several other options.

When it comes to employment in agriculture or forestry, you have so many options that you will certain never become bored and will be able to change employment as long as you have the proper education.