Study agriculture in another country

There is so much more to agriculture than riding on a tractor and planting and reaping. Ask any farm manager and they’ll tell you how varied their job is, from animal – and crop production to farm administration, veterinary medicine, marketing, working on machinery and managing staff. They have to be completely competent with the theoretical side, technical – and practical issues and today they need to know about farming in an environmentally sustainable manner as well. Many students fancy the idea of studying agriculture in another country because these countries offer an excellent hands-on farming experience.

You’re on the Shortlist

The range of topics taught will vary depending on the institution, and this is why it is so important to find the right university. Compare at SchoolApply¬†and let them help you connect to precisely the right agricultural school. They make it their role to understand the student and submit applications to the agricultural university that suits the student’s personality, their vision, their budget, their interests, and goals. They simply make it easy for students anywhere in the world to find the right college or university in a country abroad. This website will cover all degree opportunities and eventually shortlist them to the best ones.

shutterstock_35319298So Many Opportunities Beyond Agriculture Too

Once you have a degree in agriculture from a reputable university, you’ll have a huge variety of jobs to choose between. A farm manager job comes with plenty of perks such as free housing and free produce, while jobs such as an agricultural journalist or food scientist can also offer generous salaries and perks. Students will have to put away 2 to 4 years of studying regardless of what agriculture careers they want to follow, but they’ll be in demand for producing and preserving food products. Their supervisory skills, numerical aptitude and their ability to work under pressure will ensure they’ll be an asset wherever they choose to work.